I’ve been sewing with a machine since I was 11. The very first thing I sewed on a sewing machine was a hole on a pajama shirt. I stretched the fabric out, held it taut the whole time, pushed it through, and broke the needle first thing. Thankfully, I kept pushing on and now only change needles when they become too dull. (Most times;)) I have sewn everything from Halloween costumes, apparel, activewear, swimwear, bags, quilts, and more. My boys get a little jealous at times because their sister ends up with a few more sewn-for-her projects than they do. Apparel is my favorite thing to sew because I love being able to make something that fits the way it’s supposed to.

Sew-cially Acceptable is located at the southern end of Utah county in Santaquin, Utah. Classes and workshops will begin in May 2018.