Where can I find sewing notions

Where to buy fabric notions

Thread, needles, bobbins, oh my! You need very little to begin sewing. Just some fabric, scissors, needle, and thread. As this simple hobby begins to grow on you, you find yourself needing different types of needles, hand and machine. More colors and styles of thread than you thought you’d ever want or need. Bobbins to put the different varieties of thread on. Scissors for fabric, paper, and little snippers for thread. Seam rippers for those dreaded mess-ups. Zippers and buttons when you branch out into apparel and/or handbags. Then you get a serger. Now you need serger thread and needles for your serger. It’s almost enough to make you throw it all away. Ha! Just kidding. But where do you get all these little things that you just have to have?


When you just need to grab one or two items, check your local stores.

  • Walmart
  • Hobby Lobby *watch the sales and use your 40% off coupon!
  • Joann
  • Nuttal’s
  • Michael’s
  • Your local quilt shops
  • Yard sales or estate sales. I’ve seen people score big! Just don’t go expecting to get something, because you never know what you’ll find.


When you want to start stocking up, or have more variety, online is the way to go.

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