Sewing/Classroom Rules

Sewing is fun, it’s important to not forget that you’re working with sharp scissors and pointy needles. Here are some rules to keep you safe while you’re working:

Classroom Rules

  1. Wear closed-toe shoes.
  2. No goofing around and/or throwing things.
  3. No food or drink near the sewing machines or fabric.
  4. Be respectful.

Sewing Rules

  1. Place all pins and needles in a pin cushion or on a magnet when not using them.
  2. Always close scissors when not in use.
  3. Sew at a slow speed.
  4. Turn machine off when adjusting the needle, bobbin, or thread.
  5. Fingers should not be in front of presser foot, but on either side.
  6. Don’t force the fabric through the machine; let the feed dogs feed it through.
  7. Do not sew over pins. Always remove them when you reach them.
  8. Keep all tools in notions box.
  9. Keep your workspace clean.

Ironing Rules

  1. Only touch the iron by the handle.
  2. Iron only on the ironing board.
  3. Keep fingers and face away from steam.
  4. Place iron upright when done using.

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